Profit Break Down



To make sure that everything is clear we will break down how the profits from the game will be split, if it receives proper financing.

-- Royalties --

8% of the Net Profits will go to the Creator of the game.

10% of the Net Profits will go to the Production company that develops the game. In this case it is Autobotika a South American production company. Their share of the profits will go to developing the Colombian Video game industry.

-- Profits --

The rest of the money will be divided amoung any one interested in investing in women.

8.2% of the Net Profits will be collected by TFYC which will be used for future contests.

73.8% of the Net Profits will be split among all other investors based on their capital contribution during the crowdfunding stage. These contribution will be not be returned to the investors but transferred to a Charity of their choosing under The Fine Young Capitalists name. This transaction will be made through prepaid Visa on the Charities site, Bitcoin transaction or other arrangement if feasible by TFYC.

Net Profits are defined as

Revenue generated from the Game, including sales or licensing. "Net Profits" for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions means Revenue minus all expenses including royalties and all applicable taxes.

Why does the winner only receive 8% of the profits?

A Paperback writer can be expected to receive around 10% of the list price for a book. Which is between 90,000-140,000 words.

A Screenwriter for a movie will typically receive 5-8% of the net profits for a movie. The final draft is usually around 16,200 words.

The current WGC guidelines for digital properties specify between 5-7% of gross revenue of the product be paid to the writer and that would include a complete screenplay for the digital property.

In this case the person is only writing a short outline for the game and not a complete story or about 1,500 words.

We feel that 8% would not be considered out of the ordinary for a first time video game writer. Especially if regardless of the outcome of the internet voting they get to keep the art that is created.

By word count you are making 47 times more then a paperback writer and 17.5 times more then a screenwriter.