Are you a boy or a girl?

Although it has become an Internet meme, the question “Are you a boy or a girl?” is actually quite a complicated question. As TFYC is based in Canada we use the theory of self identification, where a person will be considered a man or a woman based upon on their own view of how they should be perceived in society. This can bother some people for some reason, so to put the record straight let’s lay out what exactly that means. The only question regarding gender we ask is.

Participant has self identified as Woman before the date of March 11, 2014

This means that if you are located in a country where you are unable to obtain identification which states the gender you identify as, you can still apply. This means that if you have not undergone gender reassignment surgery or if you plan to never have surgery you can still apply. And this also mean that you are sole arbitrator of the decision of if you are a man or a woman.

Our opinion of what constitutes a man or a woman is irrelevant to the conversation.