Welcome to the world of SNless.

Snless is a graphic novel project aimed at getting more a more diverse population of writers and characters involved in Science Fiction. We are giving the opportunity for anyone that self identifies as Black the ability to create the character that they want to see in a science fiction setting.

How it works

Anyone who has self identified as Black before August 12, 2014 who wishes to write a character in the setting of Snless may submit their idea for the character through this online form.

The only qualification is that the person writing the character self identifies as black and that you agree to abide by the rules of creative commons

Creative Common Icon

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

For more information and to learn about Creative Common please visit the website to explain the process.

This means that you will always own your idea but you allow people to use your ideas in their own stories.

We will pick the top 20 ideas and get professional artists to visualize those characters. You will have the right to use these characters in any project you choose as well any art we produce.

Those 20 characters will be placed online and the top 5 character will become the main character in the first book in the SNless series. We will work with you to make sure your characters are fully realized as you wish them to be.

If there is sufficient interest in the form of pre-orders, the graphic novel will be created, published, and distributed for sale through digital distributors and if there is sufficient interest through retail chains as well.


Manga and Graphic novels are excellent way to help both young boys and young girls develop a love of reading. Unfortunately Manga doesn’t have a strong representation of character that self identify as Black. This lack of representation can make it difficult for young people to relate to the characters and stories. By allowing the reader to create their own character it allows us to not only explore what it means to be Black but also to make sure the characters are relatable.

Minority representation is a difficult topic. Many writer who don’t identify with a minority class may be uncomfortable writing character of that class. This decrease the number of minority character in all projects which just makes both problems worst. This project allows not only people of color to explain how they want to be represented but also allows writers of all races to have a better understanding of what makes a good Black character.

We really want to see new stories told in science fiction. Everyone on the project loves science fiction and want to see new ideas and new stories take hold. The easiest way to do that is to get people who aren’t represented to tell their stories to a mainstream audience. Then we as a global culture can grow.

What Characters

Character Example

The only rules are…

That the character must be able to appear in the setting as defined below.

That the character is either solely the creation of a single individual or they have received explicit permission from all creators to submit the work. This prohibits the use of elements from other intellectual properties such as the DC or Marvel Universe.

That the character is licensed under creative commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Each character will be judged on four factors, Originality, Financial viability, Immersion, Continuity by a panel of experts.

What do you get

You will always own the rights to the character.

Any art that is created will be licensed to you so you can create your own story even if your idea isn’t among the top 5.

If your idea is chosen, and there is enough interest in the community for the book to be created, then you will receive royalties based on the number of books sold as well as being listed as writer.

Contest rules are available here.


The World

Who You Are

You are a person living in one of the modern megacities that has risen up in this new world order. The geography of the 20th century has lost nearly all meaning but the location would be South America. The skyscrapers in the center of the city drill into the sky illuminating the surrounding area like some sort of ivory tower. This is where the social elite live, the ones with the real power, money and control. It is said the many of them have spent years never touching the soil of earth, comfortable to watch over the people from their polarized windows.

You live on the outskirts of the city, outside of their world. The corporate security are active in this region only as a means of preventing what they perceive as chaos, but you know as independant thought, from destroying their carefully community. You are what passes as law in the community and you are the glue that keeps it together.

Humanity if you still can call it that has changed. With the invention of genetic manipulation and the resulting accident that came from man meddling with what is better left to god. We have a population of what a person in the 20th century would refer to as super heroes. If there still were olympics, the records would be smashed everyday as peoples DNA has been twisted to give them Strength, Flight and Advanced Intelligence. That's just the ones that haven’t deliberately spliced artificial sequences in their DNA.

But as the world has changed so have thing stayed the same. People fall in love, get married and have children. As such the cycle of civilization continues. You are the guard against the chaos. You are the will of people that seeks to maintain order. Although the power was not given to you by a board of directors or an elected official, your community see you as the true hand of justice.

The World

THE SNless

Where once we separated people by country, we now separate them by Employment. A person is no longer judged by who they are but what they accomplish.

- Genalexsed Orientation Manual

In the mid 21st century the governments of countries lost most of their autonomy, replaced with the concept of corporations as not only employer but also a government. An employer may not only pay a person salary, but control the land under their home, the school where their child is educated, and the graveyard where their body will be buried. The relation is seen as symbiotic by the corporation but robs people of their autonomy. Employees are traded between companies, entire communities of workers may be relocated on the whim of executive board and to quit or leave a corporation is a mark not only against the individual but their entire family.

In this future each person is given a Serial Number when they start to work for a major corporation, this number will identify them regardless of country or location for the rest of their life by a global agreement among all companies.

The ones that either refuse or are unable to find a position are collectively known as the SNless.

The World

During the first half of the 21th, excessive antibiotic use creates strains of bacteria collectively known as superbugs. Bacteria that is resistant to all known antibiotics and treatment. The government and the medical community silently attempted to address this problem with limited success.

2035 an extremely contagious version of the bacteria Streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin A evolves. Nick named “Red Death” the disease is highly contagious form of “Scarlet Fever,” a common but high communicable disease. This new variance is highly resistant to multiple antibiotics, and over the next 5 years will infect between 500-700 million people. Red Death is present in both local water supplies and become airborne when passed by infected individuals. With a mortality rate of approaching 15%, and no known effective treatment panic grips most of the world. Travel is strictly regulated and individuals that are suspected of infection are quickly quarantined often before showing symptoms.

2037 based upon research in Russia the United States produces a DX-1978, a genetically engineered virus that targets “Red Death.” This type of virus known as a Bacteriophage is highly experimental and was not considered as a treatment method because of the diversity of Streptococcal Pyrogenic genus. DX-1978 contain what is known as a self adjusting genetic code. Invented by the American Agricultural business to industrialize the process of genetic engineering, DX-1978 has the ability to adjust it’s own genetic structure, binding with receptors of every member of the Streptococcal family, killing all of the bacteria cells. Since the virus is tailored to only infect bacterial cells and not human cells DX-1978 was deemed safe for human use with little testing.

The World

2039 DX-1978 was manufactured by the Multinational Pharmaceutical company Genalexsed and giving exclusive control over the patient for the medication. Synthesizing the treatment was severely expensive as well as maintaining proper treatment procedures of the original variance. Patients bodies had to be kept at very specific temperatures to promote viral cell division. Western government paid trillions of dollars to Genalexsed as well as third party corporation to cover the cost of such treatments. This paired with the drop of productivity due to death and infection triggered a global recession. As governments were unable to keep up with the cost associated with health care large corporation stepped in to solve this issue.

Different countries dealt with the global pandemic in different ways. Italy already suffering from mismanagement at a national scale gave relinquished most of it autonomy to Genalexsed. Genalexsed then managed not only the countries healthcare but the military and civil police agencies. The United States of America separated into several smaller unions, Texas secede from the United States to form it’s own country and keep it’s resources used internally while mid western states would form smaller union with ties to large corporations which would cover the health care cost at the expense of government autonomy. Entire section of the world were divided up with no respect to culture, language or heritage.

DX-1978 successfully reduces the mortality rate of “Red Death” in treated individuals but production was not able to keep up with demand. While protocols were put in place to prevent cross contamination as demand for the treatment increased enterprising physicians would transfer blood from a patient treated with DX-1978 to an untreated patient to pass the treatment from one individual to another. As DX-1978 was transferred from individual to individual the virus underwent genetic drift, duplicating proteins from human and incorporating it into it’s genetic structure, causing itself to eventually become communicable between humans. Known as DXC-1 this Virus was the first entirely artificial communicable virus.

DXC-1 soon enter the local ecosystem and began moving genetic sequences between animals and humans. In the most positive case this resulted in human being with advanced strength, speed and agility. In other cases individuals and animals would receive unpleasant mutation often resulting in disfigurement, insanity or even death. DXC-1 had been designed to be resilient to current medical technologies and with the crumbling of the world wide medical infrastructure the entire world became infected in just under 5 years. DXC-1 does not always manifest in all cases, often a small number of sequences are changed in the individual with no visible effect but the entire world has become a carrier.

Corporation rushed to monetize this new genetic revolution. By isolating specific variance of DXC, each with a different code name related to their sequence, specific traits could be injected into individuals. These strain are sold to private militaries to produce super soldier, to rich socialites to increase their physical attractiveness, and to young professional to give them an edge over the competition. DXC can be used to prevent genetic rejection in not only organ donation from human to human but also organ donation for animal to animal. What is human and what is natural has been redefined.

Genetic redesign represent power, the ability to be more than human, to be greater and unique. Individuals will spend 10s of thousands of dollars to have their own unique natural hair color, eye color or even eye shape. The body is a canvas and DXC is the brush that allows you to create your designs.

The World



Wilson Borja

Trained as a Graphic Designer at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Wilson has been a practicing artist for over 10 years. A renaissance man his work spans multi different mediums including animation, illustration, painting, printmaking, puppetry, and of course graphic novels. His work has been featured in galleries in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, and New York.

In 2006 he received a Diploma in Young Adult Literature from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia and in 2011 became a Fulbright scholar within the program Cultural Studies for Afrodescendants and Indigenous Communities, this grant allowed him to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Studio at the University of Arkansas.

Media inquires can contact us at