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I am a experienced developer who has been working on an idea for the last 5 years, and am sure it will generate billions of dollars.


By applying to the contest you will have to license your idea under Creative Commons, we support you and we can recommend lawyers, angel investors, and incubators but we are not set up for multimillion dollar development.

I've never made a game before can I apply?

Please apply!

I am a experienced developer and want to do this for fun can I apply?

Please apply!

Where can I see a complete list of the contest rules

The contest rules can be seen Here

What is the last day to apply to the contest

The contest will be closing on April 14, 2014

When will the Winners be announced

No more then 30 days past April 14, 2014. We will endevor to announce winners as soon as possible depending upon the number of applications.

How will the pitches be scored

The Proposals will be judged by a panel, consisting of at least 5 nominees of TFYC, including the Bondsman, and other people previously involved in the game industry or in software design and development, and awarded points out of 80 on the following basis:

The Originality of the idea as related to game play, use of the medium, story and aesthetic, as determined by a group of experts to be chosen by TFYC - 10 Points

The Financial viability of the game as related to audience, expected revenue, and the ability to continual monetize the property over time, as determined by a group of experts to be chosen by TFYC - 10 Points

The level of immersion or fun the user will have by playing the game, related to the interface, gameplay, progression and community involvement as determine by a group of experts to be chosen by TFYC. - 10 Points

The presentation of the game as explain in the proposal related to the aesthetic of the game and any sound assets as determined by a group of experts to be chosen by TFYC - 10 Points

Feasibility: The proposal will be judged on the feasibility of the game to be produced on a budget of $50,000 in a 6 month time frame. Factors including the length, graphics requirements, music and sound requirements, networking, back end server support and programming complexity will be used to determine this score. This score will be determined by an experienced video game programmer chosen by TFYC - 40 Points

The point categories described above are for guidance purposes only for the judges and shall not be necessarily determinative of the panel’s final decision, which shall be in its complete discretion. The panel may vary the weightage given to different characteristics. The panel or TFYC has no obligation to maintain records of its deliberations or to provide any such records to Participant or any third party.

Can my game include a multiplayer component?

Yes, multiplayer functionality is encouraged. But keep in mind the fact that games requiring a massive infrastructure may not be feasible with the budget provided.

Which countries can participate?

TFYC is open residents of any country that does not specifically disallow residents from entering such contests. This includes, but is not limited to, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), the United States of America, Great Britain, and Australia. Residents of other countries may apply but local laws may prevent them from taking part in the contest.

What budget should I be aiming for with my game design document?

There isn't a specific budget you should be aiming for, but as a general rule the game should take less than 6 month to create. Mobile platforms are specifically being targeted, so proposals that would require large photo realistic game assets may not be possible, and 2D games will be given priority. During the pitch stage, TFYC will give a more comprehensive explanation of what is possible and what is not.

I've never designed a video game before. Will I be penalized for not using proper terminology?

No, the most important point is that your design document is original, specific and distinct. Eventually, your pitch will be viewed by non-industry professionals online. Videos explaining terminology are available at

Gender is a protected class in Canada. Is it legal to have a contest like this only for women?

The Canadian Charter of Rights only applies to specific situations, such as employment and the purchase of goods and services. Contests are exempt.

Will the creator be involved in the actual production of the game

The creator may be involved as much or as little as they choose. The creator will be given access to the production staff and will recieve an update every two weeks and may provide feedback and comment with any other investors.

What if the creator demands changes during the production that would extend both the budget and the production time?

The creator's reward is for her idea to be turned into a production, and to receive royalties based on the project's success. The creator is not employed as a game director, nor is TFYC required to give them complete creative control. At TFYC's discretion, features and design decisions presented in the original design documentation may be ignored to allow for efficient delivery.

I am a woman that really likes games about big muscular men rescuing voluptuous women. Will my game concept be disqualified or penalized?

Game concepts will be judged on originality, feasibility, graphics, and fun - not on how much or even if they advance the depiction of women in video games. Feel free to present any idea, but keep in mind originality is a significant qualifier.

I'd really like my game to feature my favourite Animated/Manga/Book character?

All game designers must own the rights to all work presented in their game design document.

Games based on existing intellectual property will be disqualified unless the copyright holder gives specific permission in writing. If you have the authorization to use someone else's intellectual property, documentation must be included in the design application.

My game design is a free-to-play game with microtransactions. Will I be penalized for using alternative business strategies?

Absolutely not. TFYC is about developing new ideas in gaming. Games that use alternative revenue streams are encouraged.

From Twitter

Why do you think asking women to work for free helps women in the industry

Every woman who's worked on the project thus far has been compensated. The majority of the production will be done by Autobotika in Colombia with Canadian contractors helping out with specific detail related to engine design. Both team will be compensated.

Contestants who have their written pitches chosen by TFYC will be compensated in the form of concept art that they own. The contestant receiving the most votes during the post pitch phase will receive 8% of the profits of any game sales. The contest winner is not required to engage with Autobotika's production staff but are welcome to make suggestions during the course of the production.

Why does the winner only receive 8% of the profits?

The Simplest answer is so more money can go to charity.

A Paperback writer can be expected to receive around 10% of the list price for a book. Which is between 90,000-140,000 words.

A Screenwriter for a movie will typically receive 5-8% of the net profits for a movie. The final draft is usually around 16,200 words.

The current WGC guidelines for digital properties specify between 5-7% of gross revenue of the product be paid to the writer and that would include a complete screenplay for the digital property.

In this case the person is only writing a short outline for the game and not a complete story or about 1,500 words.

We feel that 8% would not be considered out of the ordinary for a first time video game writer. Especially if regardless of the outcome of the internet voting they get to keep the art that is created.

By word count you are making 47 times more then a paperback writer and 17.5 times more then a screenwriter.

Who are your industry experts and did you seek any consultation on your project

We consulted many people in the technology industry including Yconic, ProExport and Ladies Learning Code. No one group completely supported the idea, but where interested in engaging the population and seeing if this was a proper way to increase technology development in Canada and Colombia.

Can the creator of the idea win the contest, but not particpate in the crowdfunding stage and then make the game on their own and keep all the profits.

Sigh... Yes.

What is the profit sharing agreement for the production

Net Profits 8% goes to the creator of the original idea.
10% goes to the production company involved in the production to pay the artist royalties.

Net Profits are defined as

Revenue generated from the Game, including sales or licensing. "Net Profits" for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions means Revenue minus all expenses including royalties and all applicable taxes.

Remaining Profits

Of the remaining profits 10% will return to TFYC for future production, the other 90% will be split among all other investors based on their capital contribution during the crowdfunding stage. These contribution will be not be returned to the investors but transferred to a Charity of their choosing under The Fine Young Capitalists name. This transaction will be made through prepaid Visa on the Charities site, Bitcoin transaction or other arrangement if feasible by TFYC.

Are the Artists at Autobotika in Colombia receiving a living wage

They are being paid what the market dictates for a professional of their caliber in their region. This is above a living wage but for reasons of privacy will not be broken down by individual or hour. If you'd like to hire Autobotika for your own project please contact.

Lola Barreto
M. + 57 313 420 0959
T. + 57 1 702 5340

For questions about the region and investment opportunities please contact ProExport ( which have been very helpful in the creation of this project.