We took five women that had never made a game before and said they could make any game they wanted. We would help them create a pitch and in some cases a demo so they could sell their idea.

You picked the best one and now we are going to make it, to raise money for charity.

Our Reality?

Woman Art Even in a today’s society, companies are not willing to hire women for leadership roles.

Our focus is to empower women and to encourage them to take part into a leadership role while interacting with a creative framework. We want to support and embrace a higher number of women hired by any entity in the whole spectrum of the videogame industry.

We are strengthening bonds across cultures so everyone is invited to back great games that can only be made with the support of a community. We are also exposing new and compelling ideas that everyone can enjoy.

The purpose of The Fine Young Capitalists is to create the means for that production. To allow people that would not have access to the funds or labour to present their ideas and be given the change to have it judged on only its merits.

The creator of these ideas will never lose ownership. All of the art, programming and everything we create will be licensed to them so they can present their idea to anyone that will listen. The only condition is that we get the chance to present it to the public and help them in making the game come to life.

Now, you have the chance to support the creators and so the women in the videogame industry. If you choose you can become a backer of any one of these woman’s game. We want you to be critical and judge which one of the five pitches you think it'd be a success. You will get profit participation in the game for your contribution as well as a copy of the game. Part of every dollar the game makes will go to a charity you choose.

The money that you give will pay for the salary of professional video game developers that will take the creator vision and bring it to life.

The artists will be paid, the creator will receive royalties and you will have backed a project created by a women because you believe that woman can succeed in business.

All of the code for the game will be open source. All of the games support modding. Even if you don’t have a money to spend you can help the production.

Women should be doing more games, should be leading more startups and should be creating more meaningful projects. Likewise technology industries should be more inclusive with women as leaders.

Colombian Production Partners


We are Autobótika: a transmedia production company based in Bogotá and co-founded by Lola Barreto, Jose Orozco and Nicolás Coronado in 2009 although the name of Autobótika and its website, were created in 2007. With more than 25 years of experience combined, we have endeavoured projects and encouraged talented teams through the visual creation of engaging transmedia content.

We officially formed in 2009 with the intention of creating a transdisciplinary space for creativity. Autobótika was given name in 2007 as a result of one of our founder’s passion for the transforming sentient robots called ‘Autobots’ within the legacy of toys created by Takara Tomy and Hasbro at the beginning of the 80’s decade widely known as ‘Transformers’.

We share, develop and visualize inspiring ideas while combining the best of design, animation, technology, code and interaction.Our hybrid framework of designers, producers, coders, visualisers and animators collaborate with clients to challenge authentic interactive visuals that entertain, communicate and persuade within the digital and physical worlds.

Lola Barreto - Director


Lola is a director and designer who specializes in transmedia content by creating meaningful visual experiences for digital and physical environments. She's an entrepreneur and founded Autobotika with Jose Orozco and Nicolas Coronado to use her to energize the Columbian creative landscape. Her wide experience over the past twelve years spans many disciplines, including immersive technologies, mapping projection, film, web, print and installations. She works closely with artists, giving creative direction for concept art, visual design, vfx, animation, interaction design, video gaming, identity and motion graphics. Her playful ability for telling stories leads her to approach projects with an emphasis on design that inspire, entertain and seduce audiences. Her unbounded ability to support, direct and communicate allows her to excel in leading artistic teams in collective projects.

Giovanna Barreto - Producer


A graphic designer and producer for mass communication art, such as television, film, print, and web technologies. Over the last ten years she has worked for the Colombian creative industries participating in innumerable design projects, especially for pitching video games, animated television spots, film titling, branding, identity, illustration, typography and more. Giovanna’s painstaking ability to design and to oversee processes has led her coordinate creative teams by managing and organizing complex workflow schemes. She has also worked for awarded projects and for well known clients such as Capital Radio, Bayer UK, Nickelodeon, Sab Miller, Revista Semana, El Tiempo among others. Giovanna is the producer head of TFYC and works for Autobótika.

Laura Benavides - Animator


A Graphic designer specializing in the cultural industry, Laura has worked in different projects and companies related to performative arts, music, social campaigns, education, youth festivals and interactive projects like video games. She lived in México City for a year in order to learn motion design, thanks to that experience she became an animator to improve her skills in the development of branding for, animated infographics, Identity for web series and promotional pieces. She likes challenging projects and joins Autobótika to provide her outstanding young talent to the team in authentic projects.

We'd like to thank Jeff Preya for all his help as a producer on this project, working with our Canadian team to make sure the project was delivered on time and providing the necessary technical expertise to make this project happen.

People seem to be constantly asking about our Transgender Policy it is here

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