The #NotYourShield Project.

The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society. - Noam Chomsky

Our world is changing. The events of Gamergate have shown both how diverse the gaming community is, and yet how insular. As a wise troll once said “Many desperately want to believe media has no impact on their worldview. But we are not force-field covered islands. Media affects us all.” and we all have a responsibility to make sure it reflects the diverse nature of our culture. And it’s this lack of representation of characters in our media that erases the identity of so many people. It was with this sentiment that Not Your Shield was formed, and it is with that same sentiment that The Fine Young Capitalists is announcing an art project to help to bring an end to this lack of representation.

Using minority artists in the developing world we will engage with anyone who is a member of Not Your Shield and create a portrait of them as a powerful figure. Anyone can submit and idea and we will choose the top 4 unique portraits and get professional concept artists to create art depicting this character in their setting.

As a moral crusader said “One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences.” But that not only applies to woman but also racial minorities, sexual minorities and gender minorities. The experience of the disabled is just as interesting as the able bodied. We must listen to them so they can create the actual stories they want, and not what the white majority is saying they should represent.

The art will be sold and all profits for the sales will be used by The Fine Young Councilors a charity to create awards that will be given out to the graduating class of Video Game Design schools. These awards will be given to graduates of their programs that focus on making diverse games.

We can all work together to change this world. But it can only work if you Listen and Believe in these individuals' work, if you allow them the freedom to create their vision. And that’s what we intend to do.

Let’s create design to show that anyone is welcome in gaming, but more importantly let’s show the world how diverse our hobby can be. Apply using this form and let’s make something incredible that shows how welcoming gaming can be.

If you could please tell your friend, tell your enemies and of course tell 4chan, we’d sincerely appreciate it. The Fine Young Councilors is a registered Non-Profit and as such is legally required to tell you where your money is being spent, so let’s keep this whole process open and transparent.


Is TFYC a registered Charity?

The Fine Young Councilors is a registered non-for-profit foundation in Canada and as such is able to give money to other not for profit groups.

Where will the profits go?

We have spoken with multiple Video Game design schools. All profits will go into diversity awards, to be given to a member of the graduating class to help make their first game.

Does the person have to be a member of Not Your Shield?

As amazing as it would be to do portraits of Anita Sarkeesian no it's only open to not your shield members.

Can I be the person the portrait is of?

Yes as long as you are a member of not your shield.

What fictional settings can the member be in?

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, it's all open.

I have a character I’ve already developed and illustrated and was wondering I can submit it?

Yes, feel free to include any links to your previous work and we’ll do our best to work with you.

No it’s like completely done, can I just submit the design and you sell it to raise money for the charity?

That’s amazing! Email a link to it. Keep in mind the final image has to be at least 18x24 at 150 DPI.

Can the art be sexualized?

Yes! But tastefully!

Can my work depict violence or gender based violence.


If you’re feminists why are you allowing sexualization and violence?

Because both are part of the human condition and it is not our place to police what kind of stories can be told.

Can the art be pornographic?

No we’d prefer to leave pornography to the professional. That is why we worked with (Mercedes Carrera @TheMercedesXXX on the Porn Charity.

Can my work incorporate IP that I do not own?

Not with out written permission from the original creator.

How much will the posters be sold for, most of your other posters are pretty expensive?

Excellent point, none of the posters will be sold for over $20 not including shipping, and many will probably be sold for less.

Will you include past posters

Yes, but they will be identical in price to what they were during their Indiegogo Campaigns.

Did you consult with the creator and member of #NotYourShield

Yes, we consulted with them, and they said it was fine.

Media inquires can contact us at